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  • What is the minimum production lot?
    The minimum setting is usually 50 or more people per product number. (Total number of colors and sizes)However, if there are less than 50 people, we will undertake production with a 25% upcharge.(If there are fewer than 20 people for one item, we may refuse mass production.)
  • Can you arrange the thread (raw material)?
    We can arrange the raw materials.We will contact you with a quotation including raw material costs.We can also supply raw materials.In that case, the estimate will include processing costs only.
  • In addition to knitwear (sweaters, etc.), can you also make gloves and socks?
    Our company cannot produce gloves and socks.Gloves and socks require a special knitting machine, which we do not have the equipment for.We can produce mufflers and hats (knit caps).
  • How much does the sample cost?
    We will contact you with an estimate (mass production unit price) as soon as the sample arrives.The sample fee will basically be charged at 1.5 to 2 times the estimated amount.Also, depending on the item, we may request some prototypes (trial knitting).
  • Can you suggest thread (material)?
    Of course, if you let us know the texture and image of the material you would like to use, we will make a proposal.We also lend sample books of materials.
  • Do I need a pattern when making samples?
    For knitting, paper patterns are basically not necessary.However, if you create your own pattern,If you send it to us, the speed of sample creation will increase.(I would be happy if you could receive the pattern or data (.DXF format))
  • Can you create a product with just an image?
    It will require quite detailed discussions, butImage photo, reference sample dimensions If you can prepare (dimensional sample/toile) etc. It is possible to make one.You can also create specifications here.In this case, additional expenses may be incurred.
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